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MEET Laura Dutton 1



After receiving her degree in Special Education from Sam Houston State, Laura taught for only a few years. Her dream of owning her own business and helping others create great marketing programs was her destiny. In 2001, with some spare change found in the couch cushions, Promo Gifts was born! Her desire for great customer service, a quality product and great relationships are the foundation and the backbone for the company.


MEET Cass Gutierrez



Cass joined the Promo Gifts team with many years of promotional products experience. She lived in the beautiful state of Colorado before moving to the NorthEast Houston area with her husband. She has worked in various positions including customer service, production and accounting positions. She assists our vendors and customers with accounts payable or receivable and also assists with the fun projects we get to do!


MEET Becky Croft

Office Manager


Becky joined the team after being mostly in the industrial sales industry. Working with both customers and vendors has given her the understanding to see both sides of the operation. She can assist you not only with finding just the right product, but, at the right price!


MEET Cindy Herndon

Customer Service


Please welcome Cindy to our team! She is our newest rockstar! She is that friendly voice on the other end of the phone that is waiting for your call! Her attention to detail and desire to fill in where needed has been a blessing to our company. She is eager to assist you with your order from start to finish. Beginning with finding the perfect product, to getting you the most competative pricing, down to making sure your product arrives quickly.


MEET Heidi Hudson

Customer Service


This is a funny story - Heidi received her degree in Poultry Science from Texas A&M. But, quickly realized her true calling was selling promotional products! She not only brings a caring, but, very creative spark to our team. Her ability to solve problems and then create a great marketing plan is just one of her assets.


MEET Grace Harris

Customer Service


Grace graduated from Louisiana Tech University with her degree in Marketing. She has experience in sales, customer service, and creative strategy, and is passionate about working with people. She loves the creative aspect of this industry, and helping customers find the perfect product.

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